February 11, 2022

hey all, today was a good show! Some mellow psychedelic rock, lots of bands from Chicago (weirdly??), and a new collaborative project, boygenius, were featured. Please listen in if you missed me this week. Highlighted – Slow Pulp and boygenius

  *note from 2019: the WordPress update messed with the embedded links’ presentation #100 “City on the Water” -The Stone Foxes The Stone Foxes deliver a riveting entry to the modern Blues Revivalist movement currently happening in Rock music. Supported by a strong backbone from the rhythm section and some catchy singing, the band is […]

More vintage vibes comin’ at ya from the Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, and more! Episode 40; Original Air Date: 5-19-16

I grew up listening to my parents’ Beach Boys “Greatest Hits” album. It was mostly about surfing, sunshine, and California girls. It wasn’t until delving deeper into their mid-60s/70s collections that I discovered the true genius of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, west coast sounds that captivated the Beatles and countless other artists. Episode 39; Original […]

>>>CITIZENS OF THE WORLD<<<< On this day, the eternal hum, the sturm und drang long prophesied erupted from the Outer Church, its echoes sounding off the peak of Uxmal, only to be silenced in the long-since-burried catacombs of Tenochtitlan. At midnight (4 o’clock Pacific Time), you will be visited by nine butterflies, spelling out with […]

Hey folks! This week on Mood Swings, we’re taking a look at Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s stellar 2015 album “Multi-Love“. This progressive psych rock band actually finds it’s roots in our very own Portland, OR as the guitarist/singer Ruban Nielson has lived here for a big part of his life. The bands’ positive energy, chill vibes, […]

Join Jordan, Anthony, alongside Paul, Casey, Shawn, and Steven of Space Shark for a discussion about David Bowie’s restraining order, working nine-to-five, the unfortunate exclusivity of house shows, and so much more! ~~~ while i lay dying upon some bed i hope that you remember this the only one i want to see is you

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