psych rock

Music to listen to in the desert with you cowboy boots and jorts on

February 11, 2022

Goodbye 2019. As another year comes to a close, my yearly opportunity to play tastemaker arrives again. There’s a fantastic array of music here, 2019 was a very different year than years prior and we’ve had a wealth of great music to appreciate. I took the liberty of searching high and low for the most […]

thinking of themes is hard but i thought it would be punchy to make a playlist that has names of body parts in the artists and tracks, enjoy!!

The elevators in Smith always smell like spray paint. What’s up with that? Anyways, I made a playlist that was like 80% one thing and then something else at the end. Man, music is hard. Also: Turns out I was playing on shuffle! Sorry, guess ya just gotta listen to the whole thing to find […]

What’s good everyone, Coming at you this week with a great psychedelic rock album called “Nothing Bothers Me” by Triathalon. Shout outs to Kenny Snitzer for turning me onto this band, I’ve been bumping it for the past 2 weeks! This band is really groovy and dreamy, the first thing I noticed was how much reverb they […]

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