The Producers – Martin Birch   Work, work, work, yes my job has interfered with my show yet again. This Tuesday’s 7AM broadcast (11/29/2016 in real time) will not happen, because work. Because I am still one who functions according to other’s time. I am yet to truly be the master of my own path. […]

Hey! Look at this it’s another post from the past for the utterly amazing radio show/podcast Box of Chocolates. This show is one of my rotating concepts titled rather simply and straight-forward as PRODUCERS. This show originally aired on November 17, 2015, as the term was collapsing upon itself and heading into the dreaded (or […]

A new edition to my stable of rotating show concepts here on Box of Chocolates. The Producers will be a show where we “look at/listen to” a featured producer who has through their projects, associated artists, or own undeniable touch/sound have had a noticeable, debatable, or obviously profound impact on a genre, music or culture […]

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