Portland State University

A very special night with a dope interview with Bella, joey, and I talking to Jessica Jackson Hutchins. Jessica is an amazing artist who pushes boundaries with art like no other. Some of her work is even available to see around campus – personally I’m a big fan of her work in Peter Scott Pavillion. […]

On this weeks episode of the SPICERACK, we listened to a curated selection of Outkast tracks to give an overview on the duos sound and importance!

On this episode aired, 5/3/21, DJ ZATAR focuses on sampling in Hip-Hop. Showcasing a variety of genres as source materials for the samples, as well as numerous sub-genres of Hip-Hop. The goal of the episode being, to showcase the artistry of sampling. Stay tuned for part two!

This is a round table discussion being hosted by Mary Bowers and the guest is Michael Husser

I came back on around 7:24:49 CHERRYBOMB 13



This is a roundtable discussion being hosted by Nathan Jimenez and Jim Whinston. The following people were involved in the round table discussion : Jeff Anderson & Ron Peterson This is a podcast Nathan Jimenez has put together for this show. Aaron Steiner, he translated the Sumerian Text, and then put them in Chronological Order […]

I came in around 4:19 pm CHERRYBOMB 13

This is a round table discussion being hosted by Jim Whinston. The following people are in the round table discussion: Mary Bowers, Nathan Jimenez, and Jeff Anderson. The call in guest was Mel Feit.  The website is nationalcenterformen.org.

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