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Thanks for following me into the 2nd hour! More great tunes and our Groundbreaking Album of the week. I will meet you all again next term. Good luck with finals! -T

Only two weeks left in the term, so hang in there! Here’s a crazy awesome Skype interview with Olga Solar to get you through these trying times. Stay great, friends. -T

Today was the one-year anniversary of this show. I played songs that I’ve played before – a few selections of favorites from my many favorite songs. All of these bands are bands that I have seen live. And of course they are all local! Here are the events I mentioned on the show today: Spit […]

  Hey, y’all! I’ve got a surprise (and unexpected) show for you, today! Just a mix highlighting particularly awesome tunes to get you through your Monday blues. Check out my show during its normal time: every other Sunday from 2pm-4pm (the next one is on February 10th).   -T

Talkin’ the slippery slope of internet censorship with Savannah, and spreadin’ the word about sex worker’s rights. Content Warning (SA) ¡Viva Zapata! Catch y’all on February 10th, folks. -T   *Dreamdecay show back on at SMSU, instead of the previously mentioned venue change to Black Water

  Talkin’ top 5 artists on NACC Charts, Bikini Kill reunion, seismic upgrades, PPB, and our artist of the week on this glorious Sunday. Part 2 features a guest talk on FOSTA-SESTA. Stay strong, and brace yourselves, for the midterms ahead! -T

Thanks for sticking with me into the second hour of GTTF! A letter to my cat-caller and this weeks groundbreaking album for your listening pleasure. *Venue change to the Dreamdecay, Mo Troper, Wet Fruit show! It is now off-campus at Black Water, an all ages venue in NE. -T

Welcome back to another winter term with GTTF! Bringing you some charting artists, sh*tty Portland news, and our Artist of the Week (pictured above). -T

   Got our Artist of the Week and our Groundbreaking Album/Artist this week! Both amazing, and both rocking my socks off always. -T

Cat power still at #1 on the NACC charts, a lot of firsts from the past election week, Kate Brown’s still rockin’ our socks off, and I’m still forgetting to bring all my sh*t to play shows. Thank you for joining me for another episode of Girls to the Front! -T    

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