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Macabre summed this upcoming drain clogger of a show best with the lyric; “Whats that smell? Something died? The landlord thought that it was coming from outside.” Mortuous, Fetid, and Witchvomit invade your nasal cavities like the stench of your rotting brain… from the inside out. Sticking your grubby fingers in your nose won’t help. […]

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yIpPP149CZGGYa8K6NFbvRONXYcCa5Nu/view?usp=sharing In this episode, I talk with the very impressive J.J. Vazquez an independent filmmaker and educator who taught a class all about adapting comics into films. A very relevant topic these days, and the good Professor Vazquez proved to have a lot of inciteful thoughts and opinions. We also threw the Watchmen movie, along […]

I talk about Netflix’s Heartstoppers and have a few guests on this rushed playlist hour lmao enjoy.

A special Monday edition of Rock Power, since I’ll be jamming along at the Human Effluence/Hemorrhoid show this Thursday during my normal Rock Power time. As always, this edition is very special to me, with its own personality, temperment, and attitude. Enjoy tonight’s show if you happen to come across it. Cheers!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JjPgActRkSaGm1gf6tAlyRB09lUcQPm3/view?usp=sharing One of my first comic studies professors comes to see the results of his work. I consider him an underrated voice in comics academia and his book Korean War Comic Books turned out to be the perfect book to get the conversation going. It’s a little rare, but I do recommend finding it if […]

We laughed and said hello to the SCC, while promoting for the student government!


Who let us out of the house.


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