KPSU.ORG 7/23/22

leo season!!! 7/23/22

pink&green 7/16/22

nuts 7/6/22 I’ve had someone stay on my couch for the last two months and I’m going nuts tbh. Powering through it but AH :p

I’m a flame you can never blow out

DEATH LINE 6/28/2022 7-8pm KPSU.ORG

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wT5O3E6IrFysfPj2cTov941z7B9XwzBv/view?usp=sharing I interview Sarah Mirk, a very accomplished comics journalist. I’m really thankful that Sarah Mirk was able to make time for me. This episode is still on the shorter side but still very educational and informative. Sarah Mirk has done a lot of work and by the end of it, I was absolutely sure […]

Wanna megapulverize every last brain cell in your meganoggin? Well I got a bloodbath of a show for you! Godzillian gurus Oxygen Destroyer spare no flesh with their metropolis mangling megagargantuanspeedeath rampages that no swat team can save you from. Every song is megasteeped in the lore of the Kaiju. Don’t know what that means? […]

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1boq8kv4GG0CWbZkrwD3g6V18m7U9V2_i/view?usp=sharing In this episode of In The Gutter, we’ve entered Pride Month and have Silver Sprocket’s comics editor and professor of the LGBTQ+ comics class; Ari Yarwood!

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