philip glass

My buddy DJ Skattebowie crash landed at the station today to imbibe us with some of his badass tunes! Everything from Josephine Baker to vintage Vietnamese rock and soul, 80s grunge, and a nod to David Bowie (RIP). Episode 28; Original Air Date: 1-21-16

A Post-Classical Odyssey Presents…. “A Woman Sees How The World Goes” today’s post-classical musical selections are: J.S. Bach, Little Fugue in G minor – Wendy Carlos Darius Milhaud, La Création Du Monde – Orchestre National de France, Leonard Bernstein conducting Joan Tower, Breakfast Rhythms #1 & #2 – Robert Spring, clarinet; Ensemble 21, Arthur Weisberg […]

Songs by Sufjan Stevens and others. This show is part Sufjan and part influencers/influencees. The artist plays the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on June 8th. Read more here. Photo: Sufjan Stevens (Obviously). Note: An alternate, refined version of this podcast is available to stream at Mixcloud.

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