Pauline Oliveros

A Post-Classical Odyssey Presents…. “A Candle In The Dark” today’s post-classical musical selections are: Laurie Spiegel, A Folk Study – Laurie Spiegel Evelyn Glennie, Light In Darkness – Evelyn Glennie Pauline Oliveros, In Memoriam, Mr. Whitney – Pauline Oliveros, accordion and voice; American Voices: Ginger McManus, Jamie Spillane, Jim Desmond, Mark Hale, Martha Hanen, Naomi […]

A Post-Classical Odyssey Presents…. “A Woman Sees How The World Goes” today’s post-classical musical selections are: J.S. Bach, Little Fugue in G minor – Wendy Carlos Darius Milhaud, La Création Du Monde – Orchestre National de France, Leonard Bernstein conducting Joan Tower, Breakfast Rhythms #1 & #2 – Robert Spring, clarinet; Ensemble 21, Arthur Weisberg […]

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