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Welcome back to The Rant Room! I did not expect the issues to be resolved quickly, but yesterday’s episode was recorded just fine! Here’s hoping the same will be true for future episodes. In yesterday’s episode, we talked about the concept of mortality and the end of all things. It may seem depressing to discuss, […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! Unfortunately, we’ve had some issues with the broadcasting studio not recording our episodes, so until that gets fixed these blog posts will not be featuring any episode recordings, so if you want to stay up to date with our discussions then be sure to tune next Sunday at 6pm […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room, and welcome to the new year of 2023! We hope you all enjoy it and make some wonderful new memories! There wasn’t much to this episode, just a short review of the events of the past year and my thoughts on the start of this new one. Last year […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! Let’s talk about drugs. Given how much our lives are affected by prescription medication, we thought we’d spend yesterday’s episode talking about controlled substances, so that’s exactly what we did! We covered the intense misusage of drugs in the city of Portland as well as the highly regulated release […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! We hope all of you do well on finals this week, we’ve got a nice long break to look forward to afterward! Since finals are starting this week, for yesterday’s episode we decided to discuss both stress and trauma in detail. We covered the kinds of general stresses that […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! We love finals so much that we stayed up all night not doing them! Yesterday’s episode was… a bit unscripted, sorry about that. We’ve been very busy as of late, what with the term coming to a close this next week and the holidays right around the corner. As […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! Co-hosts Benji and Crow are back again with more fun mental health ramblings and great music for you all to enjoy. Today’s episode dove into the topic of ADA Laws, both covering a brief history of what inspired the creation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally got a cohost: please welcome Crow to the show! Expect more quality ranting sessions from Crow and Benji in the episodes that follow. Today’s episode focused on self-care and how we as a society tend to approach the topic and apply it […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! We’ve got a lot to talk about for yesterday’s episode, and some new music as well to go with this episode’s vinyl mix. Yesterday’s mental health topic was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD or ADD. We analyzed the definition of ADHD and discussed the leading theories […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room, and happy Halloween to you all! Yesterday’s mental health topic was seasonal affective disorder, conveniently shortened to the acronym SAD. As the fall season comes and the days get shorter, many of the people living in the Pacific Northwest may begin to experience symptoms of SAD and it can […]

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