In this week’s episode we focused on singer-songwriters from the 70s.

Hey y’all! This is a groovy and chill playlist to start the weekend because it has been a long tiring week for me and for many of you too! take a break and chilllll with The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and more!

Today The Speakeasy covered for Robot Reboot! This hour was all about stress relief and indulging the feels.

420. A special number that represents a certain plant that brings joy and fun to people all around the world. Whether its smoking, eating, drinking, or using hemp material, the cannabis plant is favorite to people all around the world. The cannabis plant has been used since the very beginning of caveman and still to […]

1 part flannel, 1 part midterms-induced haze and anxiety, 2 parts pumpkin spice latte and simple pleasures. 100% chill. Episode 21, Original Air Date: 10-22-2015

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Bringing it back to that boom bap sound for Show 024, we wanted to keep this one real chill and mellow. We went back to back from future to classic vibes on this one, keeping you on that wave. Big shouts to everyone thats been with us from day 1 and to all those who […]

  Mellow tunes to melt into the last few weeks of summer! Episode 19, Original Air Date: 9-16-15

This week we had a lot of variation in the music selection, from hard trap to mellow beats, we got it put together in one hour (which seems to never be enough time). Big ups to everybody graduating tomorrow and big shouts to my boys Aaron and Blake for letting come out and do my thing […]

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