mac demarco

Chill vibes with a taste of honey.

We discuss season two episode three of Seinfeld: “The Jacket”. The episode sparked topics such as whether we like ice in drinks, daddy issues, and self-expression through clothing. We also touch upon how Jerry Seinfeld is a good friend and how we can relate to George’s social anxiety.

Tunes for all you freaky fun people out there.

Just a little bit of pre finals week encouragement for everything you need to push on out

A collection of nice music for when you’re a little sad but want the good jams.

FFO: King Krule, Sufjan Stevens, Beach Fossils, Mitski Mac DeMarco is a Canadian indie rock musician who has curated a sound and visual aesthetic so identifiable that it has become its own subgenre of airy beachy synths, gentle guitar, and cigarettes between the gap of two front teeth. The majority of DeMarco‚Äôs music centers around […]

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