lcd soundsystem

longer show tonight, subbing for jo from psychic tension. playlist below as usual! enjoy.

a nice mix of tracks from both myself and a flame that’s been burning in the back of my head lately. playlist and download link below as usual, do enjoy!

hey all! writing this before the show tonight, as i know i’ll be incredibly tired afterwards. got a lot of variety in store tonight, featuring at least one halloween themed tune in honour of the season, of course. see if you can pick it out!~ playlist is below, as usual, and i’ll update this page […]

This week, we heard music from artists including Bob Dylan, Shannon and The Clams, Patti Smith, and Donizetti. “Drive My Car”, The Beatles, Rubber Soul “I’ll Be Your Mirror”, The Velvet Underground and Nico, The Velvet Underground & Nico “1234”, Feist, The Reminder “You’re so Vain”, Carly Simon, No Secrets “The Book Of You”, Belle […]

r.i.p. lcd

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