I interview writer, folklorist, and translator, Zach Davison. Author of Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan, Yurei: The Japanese Ghost, and translator of Cat+Gamer, Tono Monogatari, and many more. We talk about everything from Yo-kai, the secrets of learning Japanese, and how adapting comics into other languages work. You can find the link to listen to the episode […]

Tonight, we have a special visiting guest!! They are exposing their best tunes in their home language, teaching us about the world out there. Joining them is an artist from the house, showing how we may be far apart in distance, but musically we are all one family.

The Road to Nowhere returns with a reprise of its first episode: The Naked City. More slinky jazz, barroom wailers, cruising soundscapes, and paeans to urbanity. Thanks for coming back and listening! Love . . . DJ Finn    

  In episode 13, we continue with last week’s theme, veering away from slick pop psychedelia and into some more rarities, oddities, and rough-around-the-edges explorations from Germany, Japan, Armenia, and even Cleveland!

Hey hey hey~ It’s that time of the year again and ya’ boy is back in the booth for your listening pleasure! This week I’m spinning a Japanese Jazz album by Ryo Fukui entitled Scenery – CLASSIC ALERT – this album blew me away at first listen and I’ve been bumping it for the better […]

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