indie folk

Gay Songs oops

2010 indie pop throwback

The first show of fall term! My first show at the new ~late night~ time! my THIRD year at KPSU!

Old blues, dream pop/indie, folk, and a couple story songs

Best known for their song Blue Coupe, Twin Peaks (Dudes) are a Chicago based rock/indie band that formed in 2010. Their second major album named “Wild Onion” was released in 2014 and the Twin Peaks dudes began to heighten their popularity. Their music has such a unique, creative and edgy sound. The album starts off […]

A replay of the Mountian Goats special feature! Check the blog for my report on their May 9th show at the Aladdin Theater.

Indie folk, railroad jazz, a little blues.

My girlfriend is going to be here in 2 weeks and I am very soft about it.

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