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Sorry is a band from North London, consisting of five central members, Asha Lorenz on guitar and vocals, Louis O’Brien on guitar and vocals, Lincoln Barrett on drums, Campbell Baum on bass, and Marco Pini on electronics. They’ve come up in the scene with noisy contemporaries like black midi, Squid, and Black Country, New Road […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! Yesterday’s Bonus Episode was just a full hour of vinyl music, playing some calm & vibey tunes into the night. Check back with us on Sunday at 6pm for more regular episodes of The Rant Room. The Rant Room is one of the only KPSU shows playing music entirely […]

I’m graduating from Portland State this term!! Can you even BELIEVE??? I’m celebrating this episode with some of my fav dance tracks! Let’s GO!!!

4/4/2022 Playlist: adventure time Host: Aydia Johnson I’ve been thinking of buying a BMO pillow so I felt like I should probably look up some Adventure Time songs and play them on KPSU! As you can see I am a huge fan of this tv show, hmu if you wanna watch it with me!! Anyway, […]

This episode’s playlist came from the bottom 25 songs of the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of March 28, 1992. Each and every song was oh, so ’90s, whether it be the lasting influence of ’80s heavy metal or the steady resurgence of R&B and Hip Hop. The standout tracks I recommend giving a […]

The christening episode of Last in Line played tracks from the bottom 25 songs off the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of February 16, 1980. The music was full of funk and soft rock influences from the ’70s, with the classic ’80s synth sprinkled in now and then. I also shared a few notable […]

Back in the booth for 2022! Come for the tunes, stay for the… tunes?

On this weeks episode of the SPICERACK, we listened to a curated selection of Outkast tracks to give an overview on the duos sound and importance!

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