hardly art

This month is National Pride Month, so a big HOORAY to that!!! Ah! Along with my excitement for all things gay, Chastity Belt’s brand new album “I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone” came out today! This hour, we listen to the brand new compilation album released by Chastity Belt’s label, Hardly Art, and […]

  Hello and welcome all to the fifteenth weekly radio show The Shower Hour I am Dj Niko Treecko Frappucino, please enjoy this hour of ups and downs. At some point i will upload a picture of a cougar. Featured artists include Mobb Deep, Giant Panda, Nas feat. AZ, Show link below: http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1460955601.mp3

Hey listeners! On last week’s episode of The Muse In Music, I dissected the rosters of two of my favorite West Coast labels, Hardly Art in Seattle, WA and Burger Records in Fullerton, CA. Despite my inability to fully explain in words at the moment, there’s some sort of new riot grrl-esque movement occurring here […]

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