Hey y’all! This is a groovy and chill playlist to start the weekend because it has been a long tiring week for me and for many of you too! take a break and chilllll with The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and more!

The rain is here and with it even MORE groovy tunes coming to you from Under the Stage! Absorb some good vibes and let some groovy bass lift your spirits. Featuring local PNW bands like Left on Tenth and Broth, while also featuring some of our east coast friends like Juke of June and Skinny […]

Hey y’all! Today’s episode was focused on groovy 70s funk and 70’s music, even foreign! I had a dear special guest, Hannah from Earthworm and we discussed our favorite 70’s fashion trends and also some funny commentary on Elton John. I cannot wait to speak on my experience of seeing the great Elton John at […]

Two hour special of songs that I listened while backpacking around L.A.

Hey y’all! This week, I dived into the groovy 1960s and psychedelic rock. So many groovy tunes played today and even introduced a Portland based band, The Sonic Splits. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks episode and make sure to tune in every Wednesday from 1-2pm!

Jamming out today with good songs from some small bands, bigger bands from near and far! A groovy playlist mixed with alt-rock, beach rock, along with some chill vibes to create an atmosphere you can sing along to or have in the background to help you relax! Have any suggestions of small bands you would […]

An incredible mix sent in by French ex-KPSU DJ, Prudence Vibration (Norman Gervais) who has since moved back to Paris to immerse himself in the world-class music scene that thrives there. Before we even finished listening to this mix, we knew it was monumental by the reaction in the studio and outstanding reception from listeners tuning […]

Play > Saturdays and Gabriel Moss present Portland’s own radio podcast for deep house, progressive and trance tunes from around the world. This week, on PlayCast 002, we cover a progressive deep-house focused mix, including two unreleased tracks from the new Alex H album, One Heart At A Time. More information can be found about […]

Play > Saturdays and Gabriel Moss present the PREMIERE episode of Portland’s own radio podcast for deep house, progressive and trance tunes from around the world. Tune in regularly at 11a-12p EVERY Monday for more! We represent the grooviest tracks in Portland’s hot nightclub and house music scene, with direct association to Play > Saturdays and the […]

August 22, 2015

Cat Hoch accompanied by Eric Sabatino performs a stripped down set of her solo project. Poop jokes, serious music discussions, and ethereal groovy indie rock is performed.

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