Brought sum new friends in shoutout my Las Vegas shawties! As the first show of the year this was the trend forecasting episode. Whats in? moon boots, getting lost, riding the bus, (reluctantly) saurkraut, my dads wardrobe, azalea banks tweets casually brought up in conversation … what’s out? explaining yourself and learning information about celebrities. […]

Thanks for following me into the 2nd hour! More great tunes and our Groundbreaking Album of the week. I will meet you all again next term. Good luck with finals! -T

Only two weeks left in the term, so hang in there! Here’s a crazy awesome Skype interview with Olga Solar to get you through these trying times. Stay great, friends. -T

  Hey, y’all! I’ve got a surprise (and unexpected) show for you, today! Just a mix highlighting particularly awesome tunes to get you through your Monday blues. Check out my show during its normal time: every other Sunday from 2pm-4pm (the next one is on February 10th).   -T

Talkin’ the slippery slope of internet censorship with Savannah, and spreadin’ the word about sex worker’s rights. Content Warning (SA) ¡Viva Zapata! Catch y’all on February 10th, folks. -T   *Dreamdecay show back on at SMSU, instead of the previously mentioned venue change to Black Water

  Talkin’ top 5 artists on NACC Charts, Bikini Kill reunion, seismic upgrades, PPB, and our artist of the week on this glorious Sunday. Part 2 features a guest talk on FOSTA-SESTA. Stay strong, and brace yourselves, for the midterms ahead! -T

Thanks for sticking with me into the second hour of GTTF! A letter to my cat-caller and this weeks groundbreaking album for your listening pleasure. *Venue change to the Dreamdecay, Mo Troper, Wet Fruit show! It is now off-campus at Black Water, an all ages venue in NE. -T

Welcome back to another winter term with GTTF! Bringing you some charting artists, sh*tty Portland news, and our Artist of the Week (pictured above). -T

   Got our Artist of the Week and our Groundbreaking Album/Artist this week! Both amazing, and both rocking my socks off always. -T

Cat power still at #1 on the NACC charts, a lot of firsts from the past election week, Kate Brown’s still rockin’ our socks off, and I’m still forgetting to bring all my sh*t to play shows. Thank you for joining me for another episode of Girls to the Front! -T    

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