Exploring all the old and new talent coming out of Australia! Discover your next favorite band by clicking the downloadable link and listening to today’s episode! Spotify Playlist Link: The Jungle Giants are coming to Portland on 10/26 at the Rose Theater!! Check out the band’s website: Tune in next week for a […]

Need something to sit back and relax too? Want to tap your to or move your hips to something funky? It’s all heard in today’s mix of music. Small bands from around the country are featured from Tennesee to Portland it’s here! Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist: Have any music recommendations for […]

Featuring some of the most influential and iconic bassists of all time and from all genres. Bassists featured: Leland Sklar, Marcus Miller, Derrick Hodge, Joe Dart, Ron Carter, Ray Brown, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, John Entwise, Carol Kay, Thundercat, and many more! Link to full playlist: Have any music recommendations for small […]

Today The Speakeasy covered for Robot Reboot! This hour was all about stress relief and indulging the feels.

What’s good. This week I’m bringing back a band that I’ve featured before. Fat Freddy’s Drop is an amazing reggae/alternative RnB group from New Zealand. This group has energy and a level of funk that I have yet to find again. This album in particular is so aesthetically coherent that it’s a crime to not […]

Lindsey and I are still learning the ropes but we have the some great songs for this weeks show! I’d say we’re also getting a better grasp of what we are doing with the show: Salmon for Dinner= funky fresh jams 🙂

In this week’s show I bring you a little bit of this and that with some Sufjan Steven, Miike Snow, Dizzee Rascal, and more. I start off a little slow and sad but I brought it around with a bit more dance and dub. I finish off with a more relaxed and chilled out tune […]

Hey guys, this week I’m spinning a new record (just out last week) and boy am I excited. 99.9% is one of the grooviest, well produced album put out this year. Every beat on the record is catchy and makes me want to move. The instrumentation is super original and funky. On top of that, […]

Hey guys! This week I’m spinning one of my favorite contemporary disco albums. Skylar Spence (formerly known as Saint Pepsi) is one of the finest artists out there when it comes to crafting dance beats. Prom King is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of all time. Every song on the album makes me […]

Hey guys, it’s been a bit but I’m back with a crazy good math rock band from France called TotorRo. These guys kill it with every track. The energy is infectious and each song has a catchy groove. Lately I’ve been on a huge prog rock/metal kick and I fell in love with these guys […]

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