The first show of fall term! My first show at the new ~late night~ time! my THIRD year at KPSU!

The woman stopped for a moment and set down her rusted pale to stare up at the bouncing telephone wire. Above her, upon the wire, was a butterfly. It was fluttering and dancing, and shaking the line. The butterfly spoke quietly down to the woman. Its words fell easily through the peace. It told the […]

A replay of the Mountian Goats special feature! Check the blog for my report on their May 9th show at the Aladdin Theater.

who said this show had a theme? not me, that’s for sure

My girlfriend is going to be here in 2 weeks and I am very soft about it.

Psychedelic folk, Indie from Amsterdam, Ethiopian dance music, and so on.

First time feturing live music on Under the Stage. DJ Nolan, host of Bangers ‘n’ Trash Mondays at 3, joined me today on the guitar. Had a great time and can’t wait for future jam sessions! It will be happening again this upcoming thursday with a possible third person! Tune in at 5 to hear […]

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