fiona apple

Yuppers As mentioned in the post title, yeah, no idea. I didn’t title the episode in my playlist notes, and I don’t really remember the show all that well. I do know that I sat in the KPSU DJ control booth on June 25th of 2017 to stream it LIVE to the waiting digital masses. All 3-6 of […]

L.A. sweethearts Slow Hollows stopped by the KPSU studio to play an acoustic in-studio performance, talk about mummies, 30 poops in 30 days, gunpowder, and much more.

After listening to Fiona Apple’s Tidal in its entirety on its 20th anniversary, we listen to an interview about her first three albums, with exclusive live tracks.

We look back at Fiona Apple’s breakthrough masterpiece Tidal on its 20th anniversary, and play the album in its entirety.

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