female artist

February 25, 2022

20 something female yells into a microphone while sitting in a chair. Wearing overear headphones, black short sleeve shirt and black leggings, barefoot and legs crossed. Strumming an acoustic guitar

In-studio performance by Lili St Anne with interview by DJ Rachelle

Hannah Dimo accompanied by Damian Hayes on bass, brings her singer-songwriter skills to the KPSU studios. Belting out soulful lyrics and charming audiences with her songbird vocals it’s a treat to watch her perform.

bops femm radio .14 1.10.18 http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1515628801.mp3 Thank you for listening to this episode of femm radio with me, DJ Yung Emi! You can listen to femm radio on Tuesday nights at 11 or anytime here in the archives! This week’s show consisted of artists such as Digable Planets, Cardi B, cupcakKe, Quay Dash, LION BABE, […]

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