I don’t see a way to add a track list anymore. If you listen to this within a year or two of it being posted and want the track list or want to know a song shoot me an email at [email protected]

5th episode of Weekend with Jraynium, a weekly live electronic mix.

Episode 04 of KPSU’s Weekend with Jraynium

Episode 03 of Weekend with Jraynium, a live electronic mix every Friday from 1-2pm.

This is “Let me introduce” – the show where I present you a different artist every week. Today’s show is about Stromae. He is a solo-artist from Belgium who is singing mainly in French, with a mix of hip-hop, house and electronic music.

Second show of 2019!

First show of 2019!

I started at 7:09:07 CHERRYBOMB13

Didn’t have the mic turned up loud enough so you can’t hear me, but the mixing was pretty fun.

A lot of rough transitions to start out, but a lot more fun.  Tracklist and download below.  Have a good weekend!


Have a great radio time!

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