death metal

Wanna megapulverize every last brain cell in your meganoggin? Well I got a bloodbath of a show for you! Godzillian gurus Oxygen Destroyer spare no flesh with their metropolis mangling megagargantuanspeedeath rampages that no swat team can save you from. Every song is megasteeped in the lore of the Kaiju. Don’t know what that means? […]

This week we have no short of the odd, the occult and the obscene. Florida man steals a car and more misadventure. ‘Haunted’ doll which ‘weeps tears of acid’ rescued from house fire. Seven arrested in nullo cult raid. 6th person dies after suspected murder-suicide in Texas. SC dentist found dead was member of ‘potential […]

Man accused of wrong way driving on I-215 claims he did it for Dale Earnhardt Sr.. New York Man breaks tattoo record. German Inmates fined over prison potato mash fight. Embarrassed burglar leaves $200. Man & grandson reel in 2 rifles magnet fishing. Truck with 100 monkeys crashes, some of them missing. Corrections officer impersonator […]

Lunar hut update. Uri Gellar claims to know the location of the ark of the covenant. Jamaican man beheads wife. Stampede in Liberia. Treasure hunters take on the FBI. Irish weekend at Bernie’s.

2022 Psychic Predictions made by some of the Heavy Hitters of the Fore-Sight Community: Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, Old Moore’s Almanac, and Nicolas Aujula. I also finish off my back log of weird news stories from 2021. Friendly, foul-mouthed crow befriends entire Oregon elementary school. Marauding Monkeys Wage ‘Revenge War’ on Canines in Indian Village. Florida […]

Tonight we listened to instrumental music; and did a small dive into three bits of true crime history.

This week we talk about contemporary Texas based medical serial killers: Billy Chemirmir & William Davis. Colombia’s most prolific serial killer petitions for parole. Man laid to rest in his trunk. Second Sphinx found in Egypt.

Zodiac killer identified. Pay per view autopsy in Portland. French Tonya Harding. Ghost of Aileen Wuornos haunts Florida dive bar.

Necronomicon puts on a hell of a show. Although they’ve been playing for over 30 years, the energy they exude on stage remains fresh. Reaching audiences from children to long time fans, everyone was moshing in the Bossanova Ballroom last Thursday night. A memorable sight was seeing a 10 year old kid moshing with a […]

A lovely day of metal featuring the lady vocalists of the scene. Myrkur, Offa Rex, Grace Disgraced and our friends at Arch Enemy. All too often the metal scene is one big sausage festival, these fine folks break the mold and bring us the octave ranges the genre should not be without (sorry King D, […]

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