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Sooo… This is late. Very late. If we pretend this was available on Monday does that make it less late? No? Hmm… Anyway, here’s the recording! Songs: New order – Come Back Down (Trevor Something cover)GlitchxCity – Pokémon Gold and Silver: Game Corner RemixRenard/Lapfox – Nerevar Rising (“Elder Scrolls Theme”) RemixPendulum – The Island (Madeon […]

Welcome back to Left of the Dial, playing deep cuts from the classic age of vinyl and beyond! This week, we begin with a trio of head-turning cover songs (The Animals covering Bob Dylan, Eddie Hazel’s guitar-driven reinvention of an all-time classic from The Mamas and The Papas, and Voivod‘s curious rendering of an early Pink Floyd cut that would make Syd Barrett proud) that […]

You want covers? Of course you do. Well we got ’em!

Volume 2 of my covers to originals comparison show. Switched it up a little bit this time, played cover first, then original. Figured out a minute or so into the second track played that my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me this morning. The do-over show of Steve Albini was playing it’s tracks down in pitch, things were sounding […]

A recurring concept show of music commentary that looks at recorded covers and their originals. Occasionally including history or sidebar information of the artist, songs, time of reception or any interesting shift of tonality or paradigm between the versions.

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