black metal

This week we talk about contemporary Texas based medical serial killers: Billy Chemirmir & William Davis. Colombia’s most prolific serial killer petitions for parole. Man laid to rest in his trunk. Second Sphinx found in Egypt.

Zodiac killer identified. Pay per view autopsy in Portland. French Tonya Harding. Ghost of Aileen Wuornos haunts Florida dive bar.

Necronomicon puts on a hell of a show. Although they’ve been playing for over 30 years, the energy they exude on stage remains fresh. Reaching audiences from children to long time fans, everyone was moshing in the Bossanova Ballroom last Thursday night. A memorable sight was seeing a 10 year old kid moshing with a […]

Avant Garde XX.

Happy Halloween~Some classic black metal from Mayhem, old and new, a new track from Alcest, and more, for this spooky day.

Avant Garde’s first show of the Fall 2019. One month later.

Avant Garde XVI, aired Friday 22 February 2019 at 2300.

Tonight was rather folk-y and Scandinavian, with artists such as Katla and Myrkur. Speaking of, Myrkur just released a new single entitled¬†Juniper,¬†off her upcoming EP, “Juniper”. So that’s neat.

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