March 6th, 2020 x ORA77K Today’s episode highlighted music by the very talented ORA77K. ORA77K is a queer black artist currently residing in Westlake, Los Angeles. They began writing at only 7 years old, after reading a poem in a kids magazine “Highlights”. Since then, they picked up the guitar and began singing their lyrics. […]

x Evan James Benally Atwood February 21st, 2020 Evan James Benally Atwood (they/them) is a queer Diné photographer and artist born to the clans Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle clan) and Naakai dine’é (The Mexican Clan), residing in Portland, OR. They work passionately within their community to uplift and empower through music videos and documentation of artists, always inviting creativity […]

February 14th, 2020 x KAI Inspired by all things love, Los Angeles based artist Kai (he/ him), was the perfect collaborator for today’s Valentine’s Day episode. Kai is 20 years old and identifies as genderqueer. He works in many media but focuses largely on illustration, the image above is one he recently turned into t-shirts […]

x Kyn Doll February 7th, 2020 “The Homoerotic Symphonies” Kyn Doll (she/her) is an artist and fashion icon based out of Los Angeles. She is unapologetically queer and uses her platform to discuss and bring attention to issues pertaining to the communities she is a part of. Doll’s artwork celebrates black femmehood and black queerness […]

x RIVERS January 24th, 2020 This week’s playlist was created by Taylar Rivers… AKA Dani… AKA Rivers. Taylar grew up in Pensacola, Florida and Houston, Texas before moving to Portland in Fall of 2018. Other than a man of many names and many places, Rivers (she/ they) is also a man of many interests. Currently […]

x Fever Dream Collective January 17th, 2020 This episode is the first episode in The Brown Box Collaboration Series. This week’s show features a playlist curated by VJacqueline (they/them) of Fever Dream Collective. Fever Dream Collective is QPOC centered in-person sanctuary offering events throughout Los Angeles, a social media presence, and a website that is […]

November 8th, 2019 This episode of The Brown Box featured an eclectic mix of old and new favorites.

October 18th, 2019 The Brown Box is back! I took a break for a few months to focus on some other QTBIPoC projects outside of this radio show but just missed it so much that I had to come back and keep sharing these talented queer BIPoC making music with all you KPSU listeners. This […]

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