This week: music about, relating to, or evocative of HIGH SCHOOL, U.S.A. Mid-century artifacts, earnest teen ballads, and kooky novelties bump up against sad-boy guitar music from latter days. Note: there is not a single song in this show that I actually listened to in high school. Kooky!    

  In episode 13, we continue with last week’s theme, veering away from slick pop psychedelia and into some more rarities, oddities, and rough-around-the-edges explorations from Germany, Japan, Armenia, and even Cleveland!

    Episode 12 brings you scintillating organ, walloping backbeats, swirling harmonies, and more! While Portland floods with rain, stay inside, stare at the ceiling, and let your mind be flooded with images of kings and queens and cabbages or whatever people in the late 60’s liked. It’s cool, trust me.   P.S. ~ We DID fix it […]

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