Avery Panganiban

Hello friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Bad Daughter’s Podcast! This week is just me, Moxxy, talking about my views on love. I address what it means to me, how I foresee it working in my life in both the future and present, and how I hope to use it to better interact […]

Welcome back to the Bad Daughters Podcast!! Moxxy here. I apologize that these descriptions are not very poetic. I am a very bad poetry major. One of these days, Avery and I will make an actual website to post these episodes on. We’re still testing all of the kinks. I think we broke a mic […]

Welcome back to the Bad Daughters Podcast! Today Avery and Moxxy talk about the recent sexual assault allegations against one of our favourite comedians and actors, Aziz Ansari. Please enjoy!

Welcome to the first Bad Daughters Podcast! Your lovely hosts, Avery Panganiban and Moxxy Rogers, talk about their first time stories! Hope you enjoy!

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