Smashing Pumpkins first tour in nearly 20 years is happening now. They’ll be at Portland’s Moda center this Saturday August 25th. The Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream was in heavy rotation during my tween angsty phase of not full-blown teenage hating everything but just hating most things. Re-listening to the album after the 2012 sound […]

Hello All!   I went to a wooly mammoth and tsuruda concert a couple weeks back and decided I would curate a mix on KPSU dedicated to all the inspiring artists for me right now. There’s a long list and if I really tried to do all the artists that inspire me the mix would […]

Hey yall, I did a show this week that contained angst. I decided on sort of teenage rock with angsty lyrics because I was sick and I was angry about it, dang it. This show featured some Waxahatchee, Dream Girl, Forth Wanderers, yadda yadda.

This week on Prozac for Cats DJ Jadley reminds you that hating your mom is a-okay! Feel free to listen on in if this isn’t a phase. I played some cool stuff like Modern Baseball, AJJ and The Frights.  

Tonight 90s alt, emo, and other sappy songs for thick-framed glasses wearin’ nerds.

Let this list of tunes whisk you away to a land of rain riddled daydreams. Episode 26; Original Air Date: 1-7-16

It’s okay to be emotional. You don’t have to say you’re sorry.

A broken heart makes for great art. Never fear your shadow. Hearbreak-inspired songs by girls, for girls (and whoever else wants to listen). Episode 24; Original Air Date: 11-12-15

This week’s installment is loosely inspired by the emotional palette of childhood, family, society, and freedom. Episode 18, Original Air Date: 8-19-15

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