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Feels good playing music after a long day

December 7, 2021

Rough start and this episode is cursed!

Gave love to Germany, came out as Millennial and proud, and did an injustice to Brie Larson!

Had some technical difficulties but we got through it and carried on. Played some Deftones and Cranberries this show!

Grooving to bands from the Willamette Valley who are rocking the house show scene and beyond. Click on the downloadable link to listen to this week’s playlist filled with groovy alternative rock. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next week from 5-6 pm on Thursday! Whether you are on a walk, doing homework, […]

Today’s playlist revolves around more of an alternative, indie rock feel. A little more chill and laid back, perfect for relaxing but with just enough excitement to jam along too. Much of today’s music comes out of Eugene, and some from portland. Of these bands, many will be featured in future shows! Tune in to […]

Jamming out today with good songs from some small bands, bigger bands from near and far! A groovy playlist mixed with alt-rock, beach rock, along with some chill vibes to create an atmosphere you can sing along to or have in the background to help you relax! Have any suggestions of small bands you would […]

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