On this episode we delved into some classic souldies that have made a name for themselves in the California lowrider scene. In this oh so sentimental show we learned a bit about the history of some of the most famous Chicano compilation albums, such as The East Side Story records, but mostly we reminisced on […]

Hey y’all! This is a groovy and chill playlist to start the weekend because it has been a long tiring week for me and for many of you too! take a break and chilllll with The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and more!

Two hour special of songs that I listened while backpacking around L.A.

Hey y’all! tonight was a special late night episode, where I decided to play some good chill music:) In celebration of MGMT’s new album, 11-11-11, a recording of a performance at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC, I decided to play a good favorite song of mine. Tonight we also listened to some good mellow 60s-70s […]

Hey y’all! This week, I dived into the groovy 1960s and psychedelic rock. So many groovy tunes played today and even introduced a Portland based band, The Sonic Splits. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks episode and make sure to tune in every Wednesday from 1-2pm!

popping through the decades

Imagine you’re on a canoe with some summer-campers… it’s 75 degrees… you’re drifting off on the lake…

A David Bowie triumph, the solo album commonly known as Pet Sounds ’88, and the stylings of Hot Sauce Johnson and his album Truck Stop Jug Hop. All of this COULD BE YOURS . . .  if you listen to this week’s Left of the Dial. Join radio host Chris-R as he ventures through the classic […]

This week, Creedence Clearwater Revival! DJ Anna

This week, we explore Ella Fitzgerald! DJ Anna 🙂  

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