This week, Grace is back with playlist filled with songs from all over the country. She includes some of the newest released of her favorite k-pop and k-r&b artists with the mix of Indonesian songs from the musical of DPR. DPR Musikal (click to see content and more information) is an Indonesian musical released in 2021 under the production of Skinnyindonesian24, one of Indonesia’s famous youtube channel consists of two brothers – Jovial da Lopez and Andovi da Lopez. The musical tells a story of Mawar (Played by Dwynna Win), a passionate young girl with the vision and mision of representing the voices of Indonesian in the government. The story focuses on her journey as she newly works as a representative in DPR (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat); in english equals to the House of Representatives, and face some challenges against the system, other members who show indifference towards their duty and supporting corruption. The musical was released as a form of criticsm of young generation regarding similar issues happening in the House of Representative, especially with the new legislative law wast just passed harming environments, indegenous people, and other marginalized community. The video can be found on the link attached above. Grace believes through music which is a form of cultural expression, one can use it as a tool of showing solidarity and create a sense of community. This is also shown through the lyrics of the songs, one of them is “Pilihan Rakyat” which translates as “The Choices of the People”. Through this song, Mawar challenges the believe of the other representatives to not care about the people and instead reminding them of their duity to represents the people. Her favorite quote from this song is

Kita hanya manusia (We are just humans)
Jangan besar kepala ( Don’t be presumptuous)
Rakyat percaya kita (The people believe in us)
Jangan hancurkan bangsa (Don’t cause destruction to our nation)
Kewajiban yang utama (Fulfilling our duty representing the people is primary)
Persetan hak istimewa (Screw previlige ; referring to the special rights that politician and those power have)

As the younger generation, Grace resonated with the content as she shared similar concerns, frustration, and passion about her nation and her people….

Note : Hi all! This is Grace. Here I attached our recording of the show. It got cut off in the beginning due to some technical difficulty which is why my voice is not there giving introduction, sorry about that. But hopefully you enjoy the songs I have played 🙂

Recording 11/20/2023