This week, Grace compiled all of the international hits in some of the countries based on the recommendations of her other ICSP members, previous guest speakers, and her international friend. Some of the countries were Nepal, India, Japan, Indonesia, China, Philippines and many more. Grace was introduced to Mrs.Green Apple, one of Japan’s famous rock bands from Tokyo that made its major debut in 2015 with EMI Records, by Yuko, a Japanese scholar she met a few weeks ago while working with YSEALI program. Yuko was in PSU for a one-month exchange program from Waseda University in the process of finishing her master’s degree in education, learning, and curriculum development. For Grace, recommendations from the person of the culture itself are a chance to learn more about the culture in a more authentic; while considering the voices of those experiencing the culture. So without any further hesitation, she put them on this week’s playlist to share with the audience. Grace also sought help from Minami, an ICSP member from Japan, to introduce to her some of Mrs.Green Apple’s hits. (Mrs. Green Apple’s songs were also curated and on 11/6/2023 as well, feel free to visit the note to see more hits)

Recording 11/13/2023

Unfortunately, the show failed to be recorded at the time.