Hey everyone, here is the very last “What’s The Mood?” I hope you all enjoyed this playlist, it was a compilation of songs from other playlists and honestly, it felt good to make. I am pretty happy with this year; it was awesome to do this show! I think I will leave you all off […]

Welp, here is the second to last episode of What’s The Mood? It’s been a great opportunity to do this, certainly made me appreciate my last year more at PSU. This week’s mood was inspired by the thoughts of chillin’ on a slow-moving river during a hot summer’s day and Twin Peaks.

This past week felt like nothing but chaos, very much just in a “Go, go, go” mood. I signed up for too many internships and too many projects. But as my free time slowly dwindles, I must keep in mind that I am having fun, and I have music to match the energy. So this […]

Back to the music of southern blues, country sadness, and other things containing a guitar. I wanted to do this playlist last week but sadly I was hit with a nasty sinuous infection. At least it left me with the voice to accompany the mood of this week!

Last Sunday was Beltane, a Pagan holiday! Basically, deep cleaning of your home and your body/soul. Rid yourself of those negative and terrible energies and memories by burying the object associated with them. It is a great holiday to celebrate and for that, I played Heilung for this week’s mood!

What is a mood? I don’t really know but I was in the mood for some bands I found through KPSU! So that is exactly what I played. The range of genres are a little all over but each band is equally as good!

This week needed a chill vibe, because there wasn’t much of a mood but I did feel chill throughout the week, enjoy!

This week, the mood was inspired by the sunlight and just some Outrun/Chill vibes. The kind that makes you want to just drive into the sun and float amongst the clouds and stars!

Back at it for Spring Term! This is my last term at PSU so I decided to start it off with some 90’s Grunge! I blame The Batman for having Nirvana stuck in my head.

This week, I wanted to share the powerful, ancestral root empowering music that is Heilung. Their music is for healing and summons magic from historical runes found on ancient stones. These stones were found in places where Germanic tribes use to live. Their music may give you chills, you may be empowered by them, you […]

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