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In a late-night episode, we discuss season two, episode four of Seinfeld: “The Phone Message”. This episode sparked such conversations as being ghosted, the agony of laundry day and how we don’t understand answering machines. Even though the outfits were bland, it was our favorite episode thus far.

We discuss season two episode three of Seinfeld: “The Jacket”. The episode sparked topics such as whether we like ice in drinks, daddy issues, and self-expression through clothing. We also touch upon how Jerry Seinfeld is a good friend and how we can relate to George’s social anxiety.

We summarize and review season two episode two of Seinfeld: “The Pony Remark”. The episode catalyzes our anxiety-driven fear of death and sparks a conversation of how ponies aren’t that great. We commend Jerry’s parents on their iconic outfits while shaming Jerry for his blandness. We also name the song “Pony”, by Ginuwine, as the […]

In this episode, we analyze season two episode one of Seinfeld, “The Ex-Girlfriend”. We discuss such topics as the act of switching lanes, sharing a sexual partner with a friend and how Jerry Seinfeld has never worn an interesting outfit (ever).

Unfortunately, our show from Tuesday wasn’t recorded in KPSU’s memory system, so we, Saskia and Piper, got the opportunity to record a segment with Lacey and Michelle, from Hater Raters, and AJ from Fatherly Talks. We play some bops and discuss such topics as old Instagram bios, fecal matter, and we try to do ASMR […]

We were able to get our episode recovered (heck yeah)! We review season one, episode five of Seinfeld: “The Stock Tip”, which envolves George and Jerry investing in a stock. Jerry also goes on a weekend trip to Vermont with his girlfriend, Vanessa, and Elaine has beef with her boyfriend’s cats. We also complain about […]

Listen to Piper and Saskia stumble through season one episode four of Seinfeld: Male Unbonding. We discuss controversial topics such as if egg salad sandwiches are good, if it’s okay for men to cry and how to let go of a (toxic) friend.

In this episode, we experience technical difficulties while summarizing and reviewing season one episode three of Seinfeld: The Robbery. Some topics discussed include: Elaine’s many fire outfits, whether using the middle finger is effective or not, and how disputes were dealt with as children.

In this episode, we (Saskia & Piper) discuss season 1 episode 2 of Seinfeld: The Stakeout. We give our opinions of platonic friendships, especially after a breakup, and if they’re real. We also judge Jerry’s stand up bits and his boring outfit choices and celebrate Kramer and Elaine’s character developments/appearances.

Saskia and Piper review the first episode of season one of Seinfeld: “Pilot”. We discuss the changes that occurred during the seasons such as Kramer’s offputting first impression and Elaine’s impact on the show. We also judged the outfits (or outfit pieces) that occurred in the episode such as George’s paperboy cap. Our audio starts […]

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