Upside-Down Underground

FRIDAY THE 13TH *scream* I had a shadow, his name is Kai. Things happened. Did we survive? Was all of my information accurate? Is it really the 41st show or is it the 42nd? We’ll never know (but I haven’t done 42 yet). Keep on listening you brave souls.

I played songs off of Lisa Harris’ Company Class album (only 25 out of the 29, can you figure out which ones are missing?) and talked about Ballet music. Enjoy!

I was privileged to see The Wreck, Dreamers, and New Politics perform live. Accordingly, I made a playlist with songs by all three of them Enjoy!

I had a shadow! His name is Jordan, he’s awesome. He’ll have a show on kpsu soon so give him a listen! We sang a weird version of Happy Birthday to my friend, Daniel– I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Also played some punk rock music 🙂 Enjoy!

Here it is, folks! The 37th edition of Upside-Down Underground! I played songs by New Politics exclusively, love that band ^.^ Enjoy!

Here it is! The 36th Edition of Upside-Down Underground! We are riding a train but them we crash 0_0 Story was about tomatoes! ALSO, I had my first shadow today, Jake! He’s great! He’ll have a show here so look him up 🙂 Enjoy!

WELCOME TO THE YEAR 3000! Oh boy, are you ready for your ears to bleed? Mine were… Jonas Brothers overload! My siblings found it abundantly amusing but I died a little on the inside. twitter: @josieclaus1   now you know. Enjoy!

Here it is, folks! The relationship that drives you nuts and you just have to know how it ends! Listen to the end of the show and perhaps you’ll figure it out. Never done this before but here it goes: My twitter handle is @josieclaus1   now you know. Enjoy!

Feeling nostalgic. Love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

First show back in the new term. Here it is folks! The show my friend, Vicky, so lovingly inspired! The selection of songs were about relationships, good at the start and then deteriorating. To clarify, Vicky helped me choose the songs, our friendship is not deteriorating– you’re welcome. Story was about a certain breed of […]

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