Under the Stage

Lazy day as the crisp fall air fills our lungs. Enjoy the nice sunny fall days while they last! Songs today were chosen at random by scrolling through Spotify and choosing the song it lands on! Enjoy!

The rain is here and with it even MORE groovy tunes coming to you from Under the Stage! Absorb some good vibes and let some groovy bass lift your spirits. Featuring local PNW bands like Left on Tenth and Broth, while also featuring some of our east coast friends like Juke of June and Skinny […]

Dancing down the west coast, promoting their new album “Love Signs”, The Jungle Giants dropped into Portland to blow our minds. Along with Tim Atlas, they filled the night with electric melodies and beats you couldn’t help but jump along to and throw your hands in the air. Overall it was one of the most […]

Get On Your Feet It’s Time to Party From the First chords of Tim Atlas’s opening to the Jungle Giants closing song, the electric energy never left the venue. The Brooklyn-based artist Time Atlas opened up the night and set the tone as he got everyone singing and dancing. Along with Bass and Drums, he […]

Exploring all the old and new talent coming out of Australia! Discover your next favorite band by clicking the downloadable link and listening to today’s episode! Spotify Playlist Link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6cPvu0xJK47UI2W2rRMOUZ?si=855f2e90073149c4 The Jungle Giants are coming to Portland on 10/26 at the Rose Theater!! Check out the band’s website: https://thejunglegiants.com/ Tune in next week for a […]

Groovy tunes to get back into the school year with. Come join me as Under the Stage starts once again for another great year of music discovery!

First time feturing live music on Under the Stage. DJ Nolan, host of Bangers ‘n’ Trash Mondays at 3, joined me today on the guitar. Had a great time and can’t wait for future jam sessions! It will be happening again this upcoming thursday with a possible third person! Tune in at 5 to hear […]

One Time Only Friday Special!! Click the downloadable link to hear this Friday special as I subbed in for the show Grab Bag! Today we listened to some groovy EP’s by 1st Base Runners, Odd Soul, and Vulfpeck. This hour features spectacular music, brief album reviews, and discussion, and provides a good background as you […]

Enjoy the sounds of some grounded beats, smooth guitar solos that itch the brain, and beats to bob your head to. Enjoy all the hullaballoo by clicking the link below to listen to the full program or click the spotify link to add it to your library. The link to the Spotify Playlist is HERE […]

Atmospherical and Ambiant Soundscape that will Guide Your Ears If you’re looking for mythical, airy, and infectious melodies and soundscapes look no further than 1st Base Runner’s newest EP ‘Ellis’ released December 10th of 2021. Hailing from Austin, Texas Tim Husman brings all the stops to create an atmospheric and ambient sound that sucks you […]

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