The RELAX! Radio

Hi everyone. Such cool music tonight. I kept it minimal, indie, pop-y, just like usual. Follow the link for the live show recording. As always, thanks for listening!

Indie rock foreverrrrrrrrrr. and punk. Thanks for listening. Catch the show recording below.

There is so much Cool Weird music out there! Thanks for tuning in. Follow the link if you missed the live show…… : )

Excited to share this music with you all. Duster, Life Without Buildings, and Moaning, to name a few. Thanks for listening! Catch the show recording below if you missed me live. <3

Hello my people! I am straying from my usual indie rock tonight. We listened to a ~relaxing~ hour of minimal electro pop, from the talented bands listed below. Thanks for listening.

I’m on air Wednesday nite 6-7 pm, every week. Made a playlist based around punk’n & indie bands I’ve been listening to for a while, and some new discoveries. Highlighted Dirt Dress, DRAHLA, and Young Marble Giants. Thanks for listening! Links (as promised) below.

I’m back …… today I’m playing some slow indie tunes. As always, thanks for listening.

Co-hosted with DJ of Tragic Tones! Talked about this season of change – whatever that means. We tried to keep it light – we really failed. Seriously, thanks for listening. See ya in January.

Burnout is a real thing. Playing some moody mellow music. Thanks for listening!

This is The RELAX! Radio. Another indie mix. Talked a bit about the band BRONCHO. Thanks for listening.

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