The murky depths

Back with number 17. How is everyone? We got some good ones this week. But don’t we always? I think so anyway, but then again I’m the one who picks them so that shouldn’t be a huge surprise that I think that. Shoutout to anyone who listens to this. It’s a strange world we live […]

The frogs have spoken. Send in your frog poems on our facebook page. Ribbit to everyone.

This was a weird one, but I enjoyed it. Hooray for frog love day yesterday. Don’t follow us on twitter. Frogs don’t have twitter. We do not tweet. We ribbit. We hop. But that’s just us. Hop with us again next week, why don’t you? We look forward to it.

This is by and for all the frogs. Some of my best friends are frogs. And so are the others. We are all frogs. For the most part. Go frogs.

I had pizza after this show. Good weather today. I have enough fake frogs that I could probably call it a collection. They’re real to me though. One of them is also a wind chime. They don’t have names, but maybe they actually do. It’s not easy being green, but it’s easier when you’re not […]

Number 12! It’s been pretty warm lately, which is nice. I had a pretty okay week. Hope it was good for you too. Here is some music. Alright. Keep listening to the frogs. If you’re not listening to them, they’re listening to you. Maybe that’s alright though. Ideally, we should all just listen to each […]

For number 11, we highlight Cool Original and Wednesday. I wasn’t much for talking in this show. That was my impression anyway. Felt like kind of a long week with work, but these tunes snapped me out of the funk. Maybe they’ll snap you out of a funk too. Maybe you don’t even know you’re […]

We (I) are (am) 10 shows in. In this one, there’s Irish music, folk, and indie type good stuff. If you listen, thank you very much. The frogs (there are more than one) and I appreciate your time. If you’re not listening to the frogs, they’re listening to you (in a respectful sort of way). […]

No war.

2019 screeches to a halt, a year of high peaks and low valleys likely for all. The desperation and elation never fully encapsulated, not in the eternity‚Äôs worth of content generated and the endless coverage of current events. We have the facts or something close or far from it, but we never get the true […]

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