The Rhythym of Devotion

The time has finally come – I’ve graduated from PSU! The bittersweet part is that this is my last show. I’m leaving KPSU with a healthy dose of existential dread, so enjoy these songs about change, life, and how much being young sucks. Good luck on your future adventures; I’ll miss each and every one […]

In the run-up to my KPSU retirement, I knew I had to finally play all my favorite songs from my favorite band, The Black Keys. Enjoy a selection from each album including awesome b-sides,¬†exclusive live versions, and your favorite top hits from their past 14 years. Make sure to tune in next week at 3pm […]

With my time at KPSU drawing to a close, I want to pay homage to two of my favorite bands that haven’t gotten their own show yet (check the archives for my Sufjan Stevens and David Bowie centric episodes). This week, I’m celebrating my favorite songs from The Smiths, one of my first musical loves […]

Thanks to¬†my recent acquisition of tickets to Bruce Springsteen’s The River Tour in Seattle next month, I’ve been listening The River a lot lately. The mix of upbeat and melancholic tunes on the album inspired me to go a little depressive this week and give you all some moody, atmospheric songs about love lost and […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from DJ Red!! Here’s some of my favorite v-day songs for you to play to your sweetie this Sunday. Enjoy a special presentation of Sufjan Steven’s “Impossible Soul” in its entirety in the second half of the show! Tune in every Wednesday at 3pm for more lovely jams from your friendly neighborhood […]

Everyone is feeling those end of January blahs right now, whether you’re studying for midterms, feeling discouraged about your New Year’s resolutions, or just getting ready to be depressed over Valentine’s Day. To alleviate some of your existential dread, listen to this playlist of high-energy jams in the car, at the gym, or crying in […]

Hello again everybody! This week’s Very Special Episode is dedicated to the late, great David Bowie. Bowie has been a big influence in my musical life since I was a teenager, as not only an amazing artist, but as an icon for those of us that don’t, can’t, or won’t conform to society’s standards. As […]

Ring in the new year with the old! Here’s some of my favorite songs of 2015 (NOT objectively “best” of 2015, so hush your mouth haters). You’ll dance, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll regret 90% of what you did this year and this is the soundtrack to those mistakes. Tune in every Wednesday at 3pm […]

It’s Week 2 of Rhythm of Devotion’s Christmas spectacular! Hopefully everyone’s finals went well and you’re all getting ready to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate (even if it’s just the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Let these sweet jams be the soundtrack to your festivities. Tune back in on December 30th for […]

It’s Christmastime on The Rhythm of Devotion! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I have a soft spot in my heart for Christmas music of all forms. This is the first week in a 2-part series featuring my favorite Christmas songs – some old, some new, and a whole lotta Sufjan Stevens. Make […]

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