The New Normal

Now premieres Saturdays at 4 PM Pacific Time. Replays released within 24 hours of airtime.

2-hour special! Look out for schedule changes with the premieres (and subsequent replay upload times) in the next couple of weeks.

Merry Christmas.I’m so proud of the show I recorded! I skipped most of my usual editing and polishing process, and so the premiere did not fit in my hour. For listeners of the replay, you get a longer show, more true to the live mix. Enjoy.

I recorded episode 18 before I put a number to this, so we’re digging into decimals now. Sorry.

Back in Portland, with all the tools and comforts of the studio!

Halloween set part II Tracklist and replay below!

Replay Below! Holiday happiness on display here! No Holiday music though. ur welcom

Less Moody than the previous! Haha “Filmed on location” well, kind of. It wasn’t filmed, and most of it wasn’t on location, either, but what are you gonna do?

“Somber, but beautiful”

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