The Cocktail Hour

Join me for some rustic folkish tunes and the usual word vomit.

Join me for some live tunes and the usual rambling

Irish music! My favorite! And ramblings as per usual with a sprinkle of technical difficulties fast forward from 6:31 to 13:37 to avoid that heartache <3

In this episode I discuss my college experiences and perspectives on them. And in between the chatter I play a cocktail of folky tunes!

We made it to week 10! For this final show, I am playing a mix of some of my favorite songs.   Have a happy summer everyone! DJ Anna 🙂

This week, Creedence Clearwater Revival! DJ Anna

This week I share some Irish music with you! DJ Anna 🙂

This week, we explore Ella Fitzgerald! DJ Anna 🙂  

This week, we explore a little about Janis Joplin!   DJ Anna 🙂

This week I share some facts and figures about swing icon Frank Sinatra!   DJ Anna  🙂


Have a great radio time!

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