That’s Tea With Grace And Bre

Hi friends! Welcome back to another week of That’s Tea with Grace and Bre! This week we talked about seasons and our memories, emotions, and thoughts on each season. This episode was a refreshing topic, as we wanted to keep it light and joyful seeing as the weather was equally as bright this week. We […]

Hello everyone! This week Grace and Bre focus on the topic of body image. It is something that we share has shaped us and helped us to continue the process of loving and accepting ourselves, which is something we believe everyone is deserving to feel. With that in mind, Grace and Bre speak from their […]

In this week’s episode of “That’s Tea,” with Grace and Bre, we delve into the topic of Social Media! We talk about the ins and outs of navigating our life with social media and the growth that we have seen within ourselves from our usage over the years. We also touch on the subject of […]

Welcome to “That’s Tea!” with Grace and Bre. In episode one, we focus on our spring 2019 goals and what we would like to accomplish before summer. We talk about our favorite music currently, and what is stressing us this term. Apologies, we are unable to provide a recording of our show for this week, […]

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