Take ‘Couver

YOU GUYS, Explosions in the Sky released a new album! And now that Spokane Andrew isn’t sick anymore, he’s able to geek out about it for your entertainment! Check out the album artwork: This wonderful record marks a creative step forward for the band. Their work writing soundtracks to various films seems to have instilled a […]

Today we come to you from the cutting edge! Well, sort of. Ambient music has a long history at this point, going back to minimalist composers and, of course, the theories posited in the 1970s by Brian Eno. But that doesn’t mean the genre’s stale! There’s still plenty of good ambient/drone/atmospheric music being made nowadays, and […]

Check it out, folks! We went and played with the “atmospheric” tag we like to put on our show, and took it in a very different direction! The word of the day today is “heavy,” and we mean that in every sense…the atmosphere we aimed for on these songs is one of dread, of tension, […]

Oh heavens! A huge block of music! This fine-looking fellow is Jan Jelinek.                 Herr Jelinek is a German ambient techno producer whose album Loop Finding Jazz Records is featured on today’s episode of Take ‘Couver. Released in 2001, the record finds Jelinek composing in a gorgeous range of […]

Ambient techno and a history lesson this week…sort of.

Today, we went coastal. There’s a litany of ambient artists who either intentionally or accidentally conjure thoughts of water through their music. Some, one of whom we played on our show today, reside right here in the Pacific Northwest. Loscil, the pseudonym of Vancouver, Canada’s Scott Moran has produced no fewer than three albums with […]

Keeping it simple this week…good old-fashioned straightforward drone songs, just like granddad used to play. Honestly, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in overanalyzing what this type of music does, then forget to actually let it do it. So this week we’re stripping things back, just playing a few long, immersive songs that’ll take […]

Fun week this week! We brought in Samantha Shay and Nini Julia Bang of the local Source Material Collective to talk about their upcoming multi-disciplinary theatrical shows A Thousand Tongues and I Should Have a Party for All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say. We got a taste of the former, which is built around Bang’s compositions influenced […]

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