Resistance Radio

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

There is no Budget Crisis at PSU; went over how the Board of Trustees is not trustworthy.

Had some new music and talked about Bolivia.

Normal day; played music, wrote essays.

Went about finding “new” music to play. No recording today.

Pretty chill show, had a shadow in, nothing to report.

Talked about recent decision on the Disarm PSU movement, played metal, the usual.

Back into the term, talking about climate change. Additionally, I will be doing a* show live on the 26th in the SMSU ballroom during KPSU’s 25th anniversary. *will probably not be the same content as usual.

Ichxel joined me in the studio to again where we talked about soccer and milkshakes.

Was joined by my good friend Ixchel, we talked about the Oregon Legislature, Police, and recent events in the PSU tuition story.


Have a great radio time!

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