Rhiannon returns after a 2+ month hiatus to host a solo episode of Refraction! 2/17/22

Carly returns after a 2 month hiatus to host a solo episode of Refraction! 2/10/22

Today REFRACTION is celebrating the reason for the season–Sagittarius season that is! Instead of the half horse half human combo you might expect, we’re serving up one set of songs all performed by Sags, tracks each chosen for the ways we feel they embody the astrological energy of the fearless, spontaneous, and clever clowns we […]

While Carly is away furthering her education, Rhiannon enjoys a sixteen course breakfast set of iconic and soon-to-be iconic songs featuring at least one saxophone. With selections from Queen Latifah to Bruce Springsteen, from the Locomotion to the Beastie Boys, transport yourself to a New York City sunset in any 1980s movie with REFRACTION. 12/3/21

Carly spins a solo set of favorites while Rhiannon spends the precious last morning of her 28th year on this earth at home dead asleep. 11/19/2021

Carly and Rhiannon take listeners and each other down their respective sixth through eighth grade memory lanes, swapping stories and reflecting on the music that marks these formative, challenging years of growth, gayness, and angst. 11/12/2021

Rhiannon (Scorpio sun; Libra moon; Sag rising) and Carly (Libra sun; Virgo moon; Capricorn rising) looked to Scorpio season and the large amounts of Scorpio in their own charts to inspire this episode, pairing a block of songs that embody the biggest and most crystallized Scorpio Energy with a set of anthems all performed by […]

Rhiannon flies solo on Halloween-eve-eve as Carly attends to scholarly duties, dumping a nutritious handful of classic and newfangled, spooky and kooky, plain and peanut tunes, tricks, and treats into your buckets and pillowcases to kick off the holiday weekend. 10/29/21

November 11, 2021

Refraction’s Carly and Rhiannon explore their favorite covers, broken up into 4 blocks! 1. 100% Grade A grass-fed good ass covers 2. Genre benders 3. Hot/gay covers 4. Fun covers. 10/22/21

In Refraction’s very first show, hosts Rhiannon and Carly recall what they were listening to their very first time as students at Portland State University. These songs are coupled with memories of Rhiannon dropping and destroying her beloved iPod in the library and Carly annoying her freshman dorm neighbors with 2014 pop music. 10/15/21

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