Open Mic

Changed the format to the stuff I really love…a LOT of electric guitar, but also world music, percussion, ┬ábeat box and more! Enjoy the blend and give me feedback on what works and what you’d like to hear!  

Today we explore the African Djembe Drum, with some of the elder statesman (Like Bobatunde Olatunji) and some of the spiritual descendants…from the subways of Paris, to Singapore to Prague… Djembe’ Historical Background African Djembe Busking in Paris Metro Babatumbe playing Fanga Babatunde Olatunji Biography Wiki Singpore Djembe Rhythm African Folk Music in Prague Djembe […]

  Wild World Beats welcomes Seth Christman into the booth for live performance and interview. Learn about this amazing instrument and one of its more accomplished proponents. The handpan was created in the year 2000 by a man and a woman in Switzerland, named Felix and Sabina. The original handpan is called a Hang, I […]

KPSU and Wild World Beats were treated to a world class BeatBox artist performance and interview today as Trung Bao graced our studio with his wide ranging skills and knowledge. Below are a set of links he’d like to share with you all. Download the podcast and Enjoy! He’s home to Vietnam for the Summer […]

Congas, ceramic drums, djembes and a bunch of Doumbek players…gotta love that drum!

Welcome to the first edition of Wild World Beats where we’ll explore the wonderful space of world percussion. My bias is purely percussion but sometimes we’ll play pieces with voice and melody instruments as well…Enjoy!

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