New Grass Radio

The weather continues to suck! But music continues. I wasn’t sure how this mix would turn out but I liked it. New Kendrick drop soon! woop woop

I get to do Friday nights now! I am excited to keep doing these mixes cause I can explore more with what songs I pick since its so late. We just hangin out in this one

It was a busy past few weeks for me so I came back with one of my favorite mixes yet. Starting with some recollection on a concert I went to, to grooving in a club, to driving on long roads to far away places. Craziest part of it all is that it snowed. In April?

March is beginning to end and spring falls further in swing. Not a very focused mix but I like the way it just flowed, just what I have been on as of late.

The first day of spring was a gloomy one, the clouds were thick and the rain was pouring. It was a little sad but this mix embraces that relaxing almost comforting feel of a day that isn’t always sunny.

On a 2 hour mix to wrap up finals week, the spring feeling continues to inch closer, and the days get longer. I was extra excited for this mix as it features a track from Vancouver WA’s very own Maryhill with their new single.

As Spring Break approaches, the clouds begin to clear and so do our minds after the pressures of finals. Enjoy a nice mix of tunes to clear your head and feel the sun begin to shine!

Sometimes you gotta hype yourself up and Ep. 4 of New grass might just do that. Starting out heavy and fast this Thursday evening mix soon simmered into some beautiful slow jams and soulful ballads.

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