Mood Swings

This mix is your mellow friend for vibing out and thinking about life, the universe, or nothing at all. Get comfy because we’re gonna go deep inside the mind and body. My mind is a map, everything is connected. Everything follows an order and everything is meaningful to me in it’s own way.

In honor of getting fucked up on the weekends, shoutout to all the designated drivers out there getting us fools home safely. This one’s for you. Stay wavy homies.

You heard me. It’s time to put the pedal to the medal and make this term submit to your fiery will.

What up peeps. This is the newest album from UK singer Sampha. He’s been featured in a bunch of neo-soul and future RnB cuts recently including the works of SBTRKT and the likes. This record is so freakin emotional I love it. His voice could not be any more unique if it tried. Honestly I […]

What’s good. This week I’m bringing back a band that I’ve featured before. Fat Freddy’s Drop is an amazing reggae/alternative RnB group from New Zealand. This group has energy and a level of funk that I have yet to find again. This album in particular is so aesthetically coherent that it’s a crime to not […]

What’s up. This week, I’m bringing a really cool electronic album with a lot of awesome lyrics and almost a singer-songwriter to it. SOHN – Rennen is an awesome construction of weird idiosyncratic beats with smooth synths riding overtop supporting SOHN’s amazing voice. I love the emotional energy this album brings and I think it’s […]

Hey all! Welcome back to PSU, or if you’re not at PSU. Welcome back to Mood Swings! I’ve got a really special album for you today. I had the privilege of seeing the Robert Glasper Experiment in concert at Revolution Hall over break. The played mostly stuff off their new album ArtScience. I didn’t even […]

I’m so done with this term.

This week I’m spinning an amazing record from an amazing artist. Bonobo is a hard artist to fit into a genre. He’s like a blend of hip hop, house music, jazz, and classical. His beats are so unique and sound super organic. I’ve never heard of someone sampling so fluidly and blending the instrumentation like […]

SupĀ fam, It’s been a pretty rough last little bit for a number of reasons. Stress seems to grab hold and never let go. Last week I felt trapped in a vicious cycles of pessimism. It was bad. One of the things that never fails to pull me out of a slump, though, is music. The […]

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